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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Set amidst 62,000 acres of sprawling savannah, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy boasts some of the most spectacular views in northern Kenya. With one of the highest wildlife densities in Kenya including 10% and 14% of the country’s black and white rhinos respectively, the Conservancy is also home to the world's single largest population of Grevy's zebras.

It is also the best place to spot herds of elephants and buffalo, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, more than 400 species of birds and if lucky, a pack of wild dogs!

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Lewa Safari Camp
Lewa Safari Camp
Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Attractions

It consists of five extremely diverse ecosystems: Open savannah, Acacia forest, rocky gorges and ravines, Mountain forest and, our backbone, the Lewa swamp. This all supports over 440 species of birds and more than 61 different mammals, including some rather rare exotic and endangered ones. Lewa now holds 34 black and 33 white rhino. It is one of the last three remaining habitats of the aquatic sitatunga. Lewa also boasts an ever-increasing population of reticulated Giraffe, 25 % of the worlds remaining Grevy’s zebra population and Lewa also hosts a pack of elusive wild dogs.

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